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Dear Dr. Brad Glowaki,

On behalf of JetBlue Airways, I would like to say thank you for taking care of our crewmembers. Your educational lectures, participation in Jet Blue health fairs, ergonomic check-ups, and dedication to our staff are greatly appreciated.

Your contribution to the wellbeing of our crew is beyond expectations. Your years of services to this company have proven to be magnificent. The care you have provided to our grounds crewmembers, flight attendants, pilots, and office staff has been top notch. Not only do we appreciate your card and concern for the Long Beach home base, but the east coast employees as well. Because of your excellent reputation and flexibility with our staff, many of our Inflight crew members fly out to the LA area just to be under your expert care!

Your services are always welcome here at JetBlue. We are proud to say that Dr. Brad Glowaki is our "Jet Blue Chiropractor". Thanks again for all of the support you offer JetBlue employees and their families too, as Jet Blue opens more travel cities and our company continues to grow. I'd also like to personally thank you and your awesome team for taking great care of my wife Kelly and I over the last year and a half.

John Hennelly,

West Coast Manager Inflight
Jet Blue Airways