Chiropractic philosophy

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Glowaki Chiropractic PHILOSOPHY

The philosophy of Glowaki Chiropractic has been one that involves a natural solution to healthcare needs with a large emphasis on education. All too often our current healthcare system is set-up to merely relieve symptoms, with little understanding of the problem by the patient, and oftentimes never exploring the true cause of the dysfunction or problem. This quick fix mentality has contributed to our great nation's current dilemma regarding healthcare. Ailments become chronic, costs continue to rise and a solution is rarely found, while the patient is never involved in the healing process and inevitably destined to repeat the process.

In our office , we use scientifically specific techniques to find the problem, a Socratic method of teaching the patient their responsibility in the healing process, and always make corrective recommendations. We feel this approach is superior and most rewarding for the patient who is always kept involved, every step of the way. We provide wellness workshops at no charge to our patients and their family members. We believe a true health influence should be far reaching and is never too soon to begin, which is why children are under care as welL Once full correction is made, we then offer wellness lifestyles that promote prevention and enhance the quality of life, as well as increasing the length of your life.

This dynamic and fresh outlook on healing has placed our office at the forefront of healthcare and has been recognized by doctors in many different disciplines of medicine, and natural healing, to entrust their patients to our care. The quaint beach town atmosphere of Seal Beach brings a welcomed accountability to our practice that has people driving many hours to receive our services. We take each patient as an individual and seek your health goals upon entering the office. Our staff is professional and always courteous to ensure a pleasant experience with every visit We believe your body has the most incredible ability to fight off challenges and limitations, you just need a physician willing to fight for your health with you. A champion to your cause.

That's why we have championed chiropractic as our drug loss approach to your healthcare needs. We look forward to providing a pivotal experience in your road to optimal living!

Chiropractic philosophy