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Glowaki Chiropractic TESTIMONIALS

"I thank God for my car accident! I know that sounds crazy, but that's what brought me to Dr. Brad and he changed my life Not only did he fix my "whiplash pain", he educated me and showed me a healthier, happy lifestyle. I am much more fit and a well-rounded person because of this experience. Thanks, Dr. Brad, my car accident was a blessing in disguise!"

Lueree Barton

"After our entire family was hurt in a major freeway accident, we hesitated to bring Kaetlyn, our 10 year-old daughter to a chiropractor. But our family Medical Doctors insisted that Dr. Brad was a specialist, he was different. Kaetlyn was an All-star softball player last year and had already missed one game this season. We decided to bring her to one of our appointments and she got much better under Dr. Brad's care and she returned to the field. We are happy to say she not only made the all-star team, but she was the league MVP! p.s. We also brought our four month old son, J.J., who was in the car accident and he has made tremendous progress because Dr. Brad is so gentle!"

All our love,
Agatep Family

"I was in a horrible car accident while l was pregnant and the person who hit me was traveling so fast that he was killed. Shaken, concerned, and very scared, I could not take medication. I've always heard great things about Dr. Brad Glowaki and was willing to not only trust him with my life, but my unborn child as well. Many OBGYN Doctors trust Dr. Glowaki with their patients but mine was different, due to the accident, and my 2 year-old was in the car. Dr. Glowaki knew what to do for every health situation, eased my fears, and even pointed me in an excellent legal direction that saved us tons of unnecessary stress. I am happy to report we all made a full recovery, even my new son, Caden Donald, who was born without complications. Now we have a healthy mom, healthy baby, and a happy ending for our tragic accident."

Claudia McEntee

"It is clear he cares greatly for his patients and is passionate abouth what he does, and I am extremly thankful to have him as my chiropractor".

Sara Nielsen
Library Media Teacher
Warren High School

Glowaki Chiropractic testimonials