FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about chiropractic care

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1. Does getting chiropractic care hurt?

No. In our office we use scientifically specific techniques that allow a gentle approach in correcting chiropractic or heath problems. Each patient's care is considered individually after a thorough exam. You will be treated in a gentle soothing manner.

2. What insurances are covered?

Most PPO insurances cover chiropractic care in our office and a referral from your medical doctor is not needed. We will handle all billing in-house to make your services as stress-free as possible.

3. What are the Doctor's specialties?

Dr. Brad Glowaki is recognized as a whiplash specialist in both detecting and correcting any auto related injuries. He works with professional athletes sports injuries as well as designing lifestyle enhancement programs that go beyond initial symptoms and help improve overall wellness goals.

4. How much does the first office visit cost?

We have an Internet special for ninety-nine dollars. This coupon includes the entire exam, doctor consultation, and any necessary x-rays. Mention this upon calling and receive this discount certificate.

Frequently asked questions about chiropractic care